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Oui, you heard that right.

Digital Asset Trading Reimagined

Secure and easy access to deep liquidity, best bid-ask aggregation from the most prominent exchanges worldwide, and lightning-fast trading execution. The latest technologies are embedded in our trading platform.

We are building a world-class trading venue for active traders

The crypto ecosystem for active traders.

Price Accuracy & Speed of Trade Execution

Aggregation of liquidity from Market Makers, CEX and ECNs to provide tight spreads and deep liquidity behind each quote.

Advanced Trading Platform

Advanced trading functionalities designed for active trading are embedded into our trading platform.

Security & Regulation

Ouinex aims at being regulated out of multiple jurisdictions, in order to build trust with its users and provide a safe trading environment for its traders.

Human approach to Customer Engagement

With no chatbots and very limited FAQs, our approach to customer service is based on human engagement. You call us, Oui answer!

Market Research & Education Services

A full suite of education and trading content, with access to market specialists, all freely accessible to Ouinex users.

Price Accuracy & Speed of Trade Execution

With a deep network of institutional partners, Ouinex is developing its trading systems intending to provide price updates to clients every 10 microseconds (vs 1000 Microseconds industry standard) and executing trades every 20 microseconds, the fastest yet available in the industry!

Trade on some of the tightest spreads in the industry

“Oui” aggregate liquidity from some of the world’s most significant Market Makers, CEX and ECNs. Our proprietary Matching Engine will ensure you get some of the most competitive prices with optimal liquidity behind each price.

Name Symbol USD Price 24H Change 24H Volume
Bitcoin BTC
Ethereum ETH
Binance Coin BNB -- -- --
Litecoin LTC -- -- -- --
Ripple XRP -- -- --
The OUINEX Trading platform
Trading analytics tools
Complex trading orders

(FOK, OCO, IOC...)

Institutionnal crypto research

Access to research and trading analysis

Monitor your PnL in real-time

Including price average for your orders

Trading analytics tools

Max drawdown, Sharpe ratio, historical performance...

Advanced Risk management orders

Multiple take profits on a single order, trailing stop, slippage control, preset orders...

Multi platforms connexion:

Automate your strategy through our REST API and Trading Bots.

Make the most out our advanced trading services.

Trading bots

Code your trading bot, backtest it, optimize it and let it automatically trade your account 24/7.


Generate $OUIX token by staking your tokens.

A real regulatory strategy.

We seek the highest degree of regulation to establish strong credentials among banks and corporates.

Collaborating with industry experts and lawyers, we’re pushing hard to make Ouinex a globally regulated crypto exchange, starting with France as our headquarters.

Oui embraces regulations to provide our traders with a safe and secure trading environment.

Of course it’s safe.

Oui take security pretty seriously.

Keeping our users’ priorities in mind, we focus our security efforts on three main pillars:

User protection and certification

Deposits and funds storage safety

Transactions monitoring

We use the highest encryption standards, continuous monitoring and disaster recovery, among other features.

Semi  automated

Google or similar
Mail, cellular
Multi Cloud
Digital Ocean, AWS and Banahosting
Multi-layer model
security at internal rest services level OUTH
against brute force attacks
end-to-end encryption
and disaster recovery
API layer
based on RESTFull architecture

Join Ouinex Community.

Want to discuss trading opportunities with educated peers?
Ouinex’s Community will answer your questions.

A community at your service.

Welcome, Oui
are here to help.

We aim for exceptional client support at scale.
Our community members will be able to become Ouinexpert and get rewarded $OUIX tokens for every member of our community they provide customer support too.

Sharing knowledge
is in our DNA.

We believe profits can only be achieved with a strong understanding of crypto environments.
Because when educated traders perform well, we perform well, the $OUIX token will be rewarded to those who share knowledge with
their Ouinex peers.

Incentive Rewards  System.

Oui have designed a rewards system to incentivize contributions within our community. Every interaction counts : you have multiple ways to earn $OUIX token.

The $OUIX token lets you make the most out of your trading.

The OUIX token will allow you to get advantages and discounts on services in our ecosystem while ensuring exceptional support and client services.

The $OUIX token advantages.

Preferential trading fees for clients and the community as a whole (tiered discounts)

Access to preferential rates for ecosystem services (marketplace, staking, API trading...)

Voting Power to participate in shaping the future developments of the Ouinex trading environment.

Access to VIP events/outings
(conferences and more)

Staking (earn on locked deposit)

Learn more about Ouinex in our White Paper.

Ouinex aims at being regulated throughout Europe, Africa and LATAM, making it a point of being physically present across all major jurisdictions.

Why Ouinex ?

There is a good reason why OUI got together.