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Trust the Experience

The $OUIX Utility Token fosters the growth of the Ouinex trading community by appealing to both active crypto and traditional traders who are exploring crypto as a viable investment alternative.

Utility for holding $OUIX

Discounts on trading fees.

As a $OUIX token holder, the more $OUIX you hold, the more significant the trading discounts will be.

Staking and Lending.

Get additional returns by committing your $OUIX token into staking pools.

Investor protection program.

As a $OUIX holder, you will benefit from the investor protection program, designed to ensure our users’ investments are safe and secure.

Coming soon.

Rent a bot in our marketplace

Ouinex marketplace will allow you to pay for a ready-made Bot using your $OUIX token or rent out your Bot and earn $OUIX.

Exclusive access within the community

Participation in key decision-making.

As an OUIX holder, you will have a say in the direction given to Ouinex’s products and services. Your vote will count in shaping the company’s future developments and the trading platform.

Partners and Advisors.

5% of tokens are reserved as an incentive for partners and advisors who bring traders to the Ouinex exchange from their personal networks.

Referral program.

The more you’ll hold $OUIX, the more you earn on each trade your referrals execute.

Ouinexpert program.

Incentivized by $OUIX earnings, experienced and selected traders that hold $OUIX, are able to engage with the community, providing them with human-first client support across the globe.

Learn more about Ouinex in our White Paper.

Ouinex aims to be regulated throughout Europe, Africa and LATAM, making it a point of being physically present across all major jurisdictions.