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The crypto industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, and with it, an increase in the number of crypto exchanges. However, despite the proliferation of exchanges, there remains a gap that presents a substantial opportunity for those willing to target it. The Ouinex team has identified this gap through extensive market analysis and survey-based research derived directly from our network of active traders, influencers, and marketers.

The team at Ouinex has recognized that the lion’s share of revenue is generated by the activity of a minority of active traders within current exchanges. As a result, Ouinex has targeted this segment of the crypto industry to provide them with the functionality and support they need to succeed.


Existing crypto exchanges are fundamentally lacking in several key areas. For starters, customer support is often deficient, with little to no human engagement. This leaves traders feeling frustrated and unsupported, particularly in moments of high volatility.

“Our mission is to deliver on a full ecosystem tailored for active traders who rely on fast execution, low spreads, and security of assets.”

Furthermore, existing exchanges often prioritize payment solutions rather than technical requirements. This leaves active traders with limited functionality, making it difficult to execute complex trades in a fast-paced market.

Education is another barrier to entry for traditional finance (TradeFi) veterans, with a lack of knowledge and understanding about the crypto space. This lack of education often leads to traders feeling overwhelmed and unsure about how to get started.

Regulation is also incoherent, given stark regional discrepancies. This leaves investors at the mercy of largely unregulated platforms, with little recourse if things go wrong.

At Ouinex, we believe that these shortcomings can be addressed. Our commitment to providing top-notch customer support with a human touch is just one way we set ourselves apart from other exchanges. We understand that functionality for active traders is key, and we focus on technical requirements to ensure a seamless trading experience.

We also believe that education is crucial in breaking down barriers to entry for traditional finance (TradeFi) veterans. Our platform offers educational resources to help traders learn about the crypto industry and make informed decisions.

Lastly, our commitment to regulation ensures that investors are protected. We adhere to regional regulations and prioritize the security of our users’ assets.

Ouinex is committed to filling the gap in the crypto industry by providing active traders with the support and functionality they need to succeed. With our focus on customer support, technical requirements, education, and regulation, Ouinex is poised to become the go-to platform for active traders in the crypto industry.

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